EE Certification Candidates and Advisors Answer FAQs

ee-cert-qa-graphicEEANM hosted a live Q&A on Facebook October 17-21. Our advisors, candidates, and newly certified educators shared their thoughts about EE Certification. We’ve pulled the questions and their answers together in this blog post. If you’re considering an application or just want to learn more, we invite you to read their discussion. Continue Reading →

Save the Date for our Annual Conference


This year’s conference takes us to New Mexico Tech in Socorro, NM, October 14-16, 2016.

We’re partnering with the New Mexico Science Teachers’ Association and the New Mexico Council of Teachers of Mathematics, so we’ll have a diverse group of top-notch educators. Join us for professional development, networking and fun!  Continue Reading →

Thank you to the Friends of Albuquerque’s Environmental Story

Recently, we received a package from the Friends of Albuquerque’s Environmental Story with a copy of Albuquerque’s Environmental Story along with a generous donation to EEANM (which we so very much appreciated and will put to good use!). You can see Albuquerque’s Environmental Story by clicking on this link: The first edition was printed in 1978 with the latest edition coming out in 1996; however, there is a plethora of information that is still relevant today. The stories shared are for a variety of audiences, young and old, city dwellers and nature lovers, historians and environmentalists. This guide offers activities for students, a lot of interesting history, and many issues to consider that can still be addressed. Although this is focused on Albuquerque, there are many pieces of interest to all New Mexicans throughout this book. We at EEANM are looking at ways to scan Albuquerque’s Environmental Story in an accessible, user-friendly format so stay tuned for more. In the meantime, I hope all of us in central New Mexico can keep contributing to Albuquerque’s environmental story in our ways. Thank you once again to the Friends of Albuquerque’s Environmental Story!

EEANM Welcomes Everett as New Director

Eileen teaching students near Santa Fe. Photo courtesy of Santa Fe Watershed Association.

Eileen teaching students near Santa Fe. Photo courtesy of Santa Fe Watershed Association.

EEANM is pleased to announce our new Executive Director, Eileen Everett, who will begin working with us on January 11, 2016.

Eileen has a strong background in environmental education, having worked as a wildlife biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, as an environmental educator for Audubon New Mexico and the Santa Fe Watershed Association, running her consulting firm “Down to Earth Education,” and as a climate change educator for the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science.

Eileen is an enthusiastic and supportive member of EEANM and has served on our Board of Directors in the past. She has strong nonprofit experience, having worked as an Educator, Education Director, and even Interim Executive Director.

She is looking forward to taking charge in January and leading EEANM through its next phase of growth as we establish an office at Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge and continue to support environmental education in New Mexico. Eileen is also a candidate for the first NM EE Certification Program, expecting to be certified by fall of 2016.

She will be a strong leader for EEANM and we look forward to what comes next!

Executive Director to Step Down

EEANM’s Executive Director, Barbara Garrity, will be retiring on Dec. 15, 2015. She was EEANM’s first hire in 2007 and oversaw the development of the Environmental Literacy Plan, the EE Certification Program, the EECapacity Program, EE Over Lunch, the EE Book Club, and provided professional development workshops throughout the state. Barbara will be planning her family’s upcoming move to Barcelona, Spain in the summer of 2016.

3 Fun Daytrips for Summer

How about one more summer adventure? Here are three stories to inspire all of us to take (at least) one more summer trip into the outdoors.

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EE Certification Pilot Program Now Open

Students learning in the field.The New Mexico Environmental Education Certification Program is now open for pilot applications. You can find all the details and submit an application online under EE Certification. Since this is a pilot, a limited number of candidates will be admitted. The full program will launch in Spring 2016. Continue Reading →

5 Wins for Environmental Education in 2012

NM VistaThe Environmental Education of Association of New Mexico had a great year and we’re looking forward to an exciting 2013. We hope you’ll continue to be a part of EEANM and help support us through your membership, donations and efforts in the environmental education community. Continue Reading →

New Mexico Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights

Acorn by Shiran PasternakFlickrEvery New Mexico child should have the opportunity to:

  1. Play outside and freely explore.
  2. Watch wildlife in the quiet outdoors.
  3. Wade in a clean river, creek, lake or pond.
  4. Catch a fish and hunt for food.
  5. Camp out under the stars.
  6. Plant a seed and visit farms and ranches
  7. Travel a trail.
  8. Explore New Mexico parks, nature centers and wildlife sanctuaries.
  9. Actively care for land, water, and wildlife.
  10. Dig in the dirt and learn about the world from the ground.
  11. Use their imaginations to draw, dance, sing and play outdoors

The Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights was a memorial passed by the New Mexico House and Senate in 2012. It asks the state to recognize the rights of children to have access to outdoor activities, and encouraging state agencies to develop outdoor programs for children.

EEANM helped lead a statewide effort, along with the Leave No New Mexico Child Inside Coalition and Wild Friends, to engage legislators and rally support for this important foundation for future environmental education legislation. Thank you to Wild Friends for all of their support and hard work on the Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights.

Thank you to Bernalillo County Open Space for designing this poster of the New Mexico Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights for all to print out and use: childrens-bill-of-rights-poster-2