Member Feature: Susie Fiore

Susie-FioreTwenty years ago, Susie Fiore decided to stop switching her career with the seasons.

After attending Colorado College (and getting hooked on fieldwork), she worked as a Forest Service archeologist in summer and taught children to ski in winter. She wanted to combine her love of natural science, teaching children, and working outdoors.

In 1996, she founded the Field Institute of Taos, and today, she leads a vibrant, growing non-profit. For hundreds of children each year, FIT provides active, hands-on, nature-based outdoor education and promotes healthy living.  Continue Reading →

Member Feature: Stephanie Haan-Amato

Stephanie-Haan-AmatoStephanie Haan-Amato wasn’t expecting to fall in love with environmental education or the desert. Now, these are two of her greatest passions.

Stephanie left her childhood home of Orlando, Fl, to attend UC Santa Cruz and study environmental sciences. Her pursuit of a masters in wildlife sciences brought her to Las Cruces, NM, where a TA-ship introduced her to the many rewards of being an educator.

She quickly acquired a second masters in Education and taught high school biology until landing her “dream job” of Science Education Specialist at the Asombro Institute four years ago.  Continue Reading →

Member Feature: Deb Thrall

Nuclear science brought Deb Thrall into the world of environmental education, but it was attending a first grade ballet folklorico performance that assured her she had chosen the right path.

Deb grew up on a farm in the Oklahoma panhandle, and there she fell in love with the natural world. As a child, she walked the fields with her father. Her mother raised birds and other animals. Together, the family grew and raised their own food while nurturing the land around them. It was in these early years that Deb learned to look at the environment holistically and to see its many interwoven connections.  Continue Reading →