Thank you to the Friends of Albuquerque’s Environmental Story

Recently, we received a package from the Friends of Albuquerque’s Environmental Story with a copy of Albuquerque’s Environmental Story along with a generous donation to EEANM (which we so very much appreciated and will put to good use!). You can see Albuquerque’s Environmental Story by clicking on this link: The first edition was printed in 1978 with the latest edition coming out in 1996; however, there is a plethora of information that is still relevant today. The stories shared are for a variety of audiences, young and old, city dwellers and nature lovers, historians and environmentalists. This guide offers activities for students, a lot of interesting history, and many issues to consider that can still be addressed. Although this is focused on Albuquerque, there are many pieces of interest to all New Mexicans throughout this book. We at EEANM are looking at ways to scan Albuquerque’s Environmental Story in an accessible, user-friendly format so stay tuned for more. In the meantime, I hope all of us in central New Mexico can keep contributing to Albuquerque’s environmental story in our ways. Thank you once again to the Friends of Albuquerque’s Environmental Story!

Gila Conservation Education Center in Silver City

Students studying water quality in Silver City.

GCEC Education Coordinator Barbara Nuzzi (left) with Silver High School students studying water quality along San Vicente Creek in Silver City.

Here in the Gila Valley in southwestern New Mexico, the departure of the sandhill cranes marks the beginning of a new season. The cottonwoods and willows are beginning to break bud along the river, the mountain snows are melting, and the poppies are in bloom.

The Gila Conservation Education Center (GCEC) is busy coordinating year-end school events and, thanks to funding from a “More Kids in the Woods” grant, we’re beginning preparation of our 9th Annual Children’s Water Festival this September. This season of renewal is a reminder of how much GCEC continues to grow! Continue Reading →